Friday, August 5, 2011

My First Imagine Project

As some of you know, I got the Imagine for Mother's Day. Well the first time I tried to use it it broke. Provo Craft was very good at replacing it for me but ever since I received my new one I have not been motivated to use it. I had been wanting one ever since those came out and had been begging my husband to please get it for me and was so ready to dive in and play with it. But when it didn't work and when I thought it could do things and then realized that it actually couldn't (mainly change the color of things with out it flooding the entire image,) it really put a damper on my desire to make things with it.
My husband was very frustrated about this. he doesn't mind buying things if I use them. He can't stand to see things wasted especially when they cost alot. So much so he cut me off!! He says I can no longer buy ANY craft stuff until I have mastered the Imagine! Crazy!!

So now I will show you my first Imagine Project.

I printed and cut all the layers as they have them in the book and mounted them on foam tape. I had also tried to make the same image but with different colors but it did not come out with as much detail since the Imagine floods the whole image not just the part you want to change. (This is something that really disappoints me about the Imagine and something I hope they will change.) I embossed the red paper with a folder that comes in the Once Upon A Princess Cuttle Bug Companion set. The ribbon is crinkle ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique and the sentiment stamp is from Hero arts.
Thanks for checking out my card and I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day!!


  1. hmm... not good at all that your imagine was broken. I got mine for mother's day too and its still in the box never been opened (hopefully mine works lol).. My husband would more than certainly do something very similar if we hadn't just moved into our new home last month so things are still being unpacked.. very nice to know that you cant change the colors without flooding the whole image.. i really should have done more research before I begged for it myself lol. Thanks for the info thow and your card looks great!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with a hubby like that! LOL
    Your card turned out cute!

  3. Oh that's so sad you're dissappointed with your Imagine :( I wanted one at first, but then quickly realized I wouldn't be able to afford the ink! I hope you can finally make friends with it enough to be happy with it.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog during the old school blog hop, and becoming a follower! Your sweet words are cherished!!!

    Amy E.

  4. Hi Star,Great job with your first Imagine Project!:)

  5. Cute card. Something tells me this is just the beginning...
    Enjoy your Imagine.
    Crafty best,

  6. I feel your pain :( I have the same love/hate relationship with my Imagine and have considered selling it, but I love the idea of what the potentials of the machine are. I worry that the second I sell it, there will be a miraculous download that is an answer to my problems! It is also a constant reminder of the terrible time I had last year because my husband bought it as a "sorry your dad is dying present". It was a nice gesture and I can understand that he wouldn't understand that a machine can never replace my dad or make me feel better at the time. So it sits and collects dust. Maybe, now that I saw your cute card, I'll get it out and use it!

  7. You did a fantastic job with your first Imagine project. Gee you have been very busy, and I don't know how I missed all these projects from you! Your husband sounds just like mine. He was down here with me last night and you even use your cricut machines anymore? The answer is no for now because I am in LOVE LOVE with my Silhouette. I just can't even think about going back to the cricut. Oh well. I find the imagine frustrating too.