Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I Now Store My Cricut Seasonal & Solutions Cartridges

Really Quick I just wanted to share how I now store some of my cartridges. I have been wanting to find away to store my cartridges that don't come with boxes for a while now and I was hoping to do it with the cricut lite boxes but I can't find where they might sell them. I decided to start searching the web for people that wanted to sell their old boxes they don't use any more. I did find some but they all wanted around 3.00 a box + shipping and I just thought that was ridiculous especially since I was still going to have to cover them with something so I wouldn't get confused about what cartridge was in the box.
So after searching online I found this great website. BAGS UNLIMITED.
I got 25 cases for $19.40 (that's with shipping.) that makes them .77 each.

Heres what it looked like when I opened the box

This is how I used to store them. Stored in a plastic tub that I had to dig through.
I was always over looking these carts because they weren't with my other cartridges.

Heres what it looks like when you open the box

The back of the box

The cover of the box

Them stored now with the rest of my cartridges.
I just used my computer to print of the titles and I used my long 1in. scraps to add color to the bindings. I plan to later on add a cut from the cart on to the binding to be more like the Cricut cases. :)
I hope you enjoy and have a great day. :)


  1. What a great idea, and they look very nice on the shelf next to the other boxes too.
    Amy s

  2. I keep my solution cartridges the same way! They are in a purple lock and lock tub. I have to dig through it and I ALWAYS forget all about them! This is such a great idea!! I was thinking of buying the ones that provo craft sells, but they are sooooo expensive! I'm going to have to check these out! Thank you so much for sharing them!!

  3. What a fabulous idea, I have mine stored like you did and seperate from my others.

  4. Brilliant!! Love the uniformity of all of the boxes. I only have 1 seasonal cart so far so maybe I can scrounge up one case somewhere. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Such an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for sharing! That really is a great deal you got! :)

  6. Great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! I have been trying to come up with a better way to store my seasonal/solution carts as well!!