Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Minute Birthday Card Using Your Scraps

Today I decided I wanted to make a card using only my scraps. I have 3 drawers of scraps and one of them is full of what I call Micro-scraps. You know those little 1 inch pieces that you can't really do anything with. Well I seem to have a really hard time throwing any of them away (I always think I'll turn them into confetti but I never do). So today I decided I had to use them or lose them and this is what I came up with. Using my 1 inch hole punch and some Peachy Keen stamps I made 2 Birthday cards in under 20 min.

This one is for a girl. I also used my silver gel pen to go around the card so it took a little longer then the boy one.

This on is the boy one. I used the same stamps on both cards.

I did 4 rows of 3 faces flat to the white mat then added (6) faces on top of Pop Dots.

Heres a side view so you can kind of see how they are popped up.
I had tons of fun making these and they were super fast.
Enjoy and have a great day!


  1. Super cute idea. Not only do you use scraps but lots of Peachy keen. Fun card I'm sure anyone would love it.

  2. This is soo cute and sooo smart...I gave up keeping my scraps years ago and give them to friends...I think I will have to re-think that decision...thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!!

  3. Oh Star, I do the same thing! I have three draws of scrap paper and I just can't ever seem to get it down. Those little ones keep adding up, I swear I'll use them, but never do. This is such a GREAT idea!! You have inspired me to make a card today using nothing but my scraps. I hope mine comes out half as good as yours!!

  4. Cute idea! I love those cute faces they just make me smile :).

  5. CUTE!! I need to use my scraps as well..I have been trying since the new year started to use scraps.

  6. How perfect Star!! :) I feel the same way, I save everything! lol You did a fantastic job on these! :)

  7. I can't wait to make a card with these faces.You did a great job---thanks for inspiring us!!

  8. What a great idea. I'm in a card swap and I'm going to use your idea. Thanks for the inspiration.