Friday, December 17, 2010

Mommy and Me Time: Playing with the Cricut

Right now in school my 6-year-old son Isaac is learning about the American flag and what the stars and stripes stand for. Since this is what they are studying his teacher wanted each student to create a 8.5x11 flag of themselves and then they will bring them to class and talk about what each thing on there flag stands for.

My son chose to put a boy riding his bike, Hot dogs, Ice cream, Popsicle, and Jr.

Here are some pictures of him inking around the edge with his green stamp pad.

And here it is completed.
JR. is his nickname, the 3 hot dogs are for his 3 brothers, the ice cream is for his 1 sister, the 2 popsicles are for his foster brother and his foster sister, and that is him riding his bike. He says he chose the hot dogs, ice cream, and popsicles because they are his favorite foods. :)
We had so much fun working on this together and hope you also enjoy.
Have a great day. :)

Cartridges used:
Car Decals,
Simply Charmed,
Robotz (for the JR.)


  1. Super cute idea. Your son is adorable and looks soo proud

  2. what a cutie. thank you for helping me reach 300 followers. your sweet. hugs

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. This is soooo very sweet. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos. Are you going to scrap them?